Drone Pilot Certification


Established and recognized standards for training, proficiency, and quality deliverables do not exist for drone pilots and operators in specific industry applications


  • Drone pilots and operators don't know what it takes to be proficient and valued for a particular industry market and application

  • Leading drone pilots don't have a recognized and objective standard by which to distinguish themselves and justify their value

  • Customers don't know how to recognize and value the drone professionals they seek

  • Companies who want to build internal drone operations don't have industry-specific standards and guidelines to work from and to work toward

  • Insurance companies don't know how to fairly and accurately provide coverage

  • Drone hardware and software providers are struggling to connect with and learn from larger audiences of drone operators within specific industry verticals


Become a Certified Drone Pilot (CDP) with a specific industry rating from the Drone Pilots Federation.

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  • A proven, objective, and rigorous standard for you to confidently pursue, verify, and promote your value and impact in the industry most relevant for you
  • A network of similarly qualified and capable pilots with whom you can learn, trade or collaborate, network, and grow over many years
  • Access to superior products and service partners catering specifically to your needs (e.g. insurance, niche technical products) often with exclusive discounts and deals thanks to the combined buying power and negotiations with Drone Pilots Federation
  • Positioning of yourself at the forefront of this new era in aviation, now with the relationships and resources to continue your leadership and success as technologies and businesses situations rapidly and continuously evolve.


  • An objective and recognized standard by which to recruit or hire qualified drone pilots
  • A training roadmap and curriculum for your internal drone operations team
  • Access to a network of industry-specific drone professionals who provide valuable business intelligence on new developments, trends, and technologies in your industry


  • A framework for you to design, test, validate, and promote your product or service
  • The opportunity to market your product or service and gain user experience feedback with a highly targeted market of drone professionals within a specific industry vertical - those who have separated themselves from the masses by going through a rigorous certification process


Our vision and plan is to establish a 10-step process in several industries and applications. Initially this will be based on the United States regulatory framework.

  1. Obtain your Part 107 commercial drone pilot license.  If you don't have that yet, we will make training and resources available to you.
  2. Identify your specific industry vertical or niche. (For example: real estate, construction, agriculture, building inspection, land surveying, movie and film, search and rescue, first response / public safety.)
  3. Enroll to receive your industry-specific training materials and certification plan.
  4. Get assigned a personal mentor / advisor who already is a Certified Drone Pilot Instructor (CDPI) from Drone Pilots Federation.
  5. Verify you have or acquire the necessary equipment to meet the certification standards for your industry. (We have made every effort to make the certifications agnostic with respect to hardware and software. This is a person-based, process-based, and results-oriented certification.  YOU are more important than whatever equipment you use and whatever happens with changing technologies and regulations.)
  6. Pass an online exam to demonstrate specific domain knowledge and expert judgment related to your industry
  7. Practice (through simulations and actual flights) the missions required to gain certification. Self-certify you are ready for your formal certification flight with a CDPI.
  8. Schedule your certification flight with a CDPI from Drone Pilots Federation in your region.
  9. Conduct your certification flight in the presence of a CDPI and receive a passing score.
  10. Submit documentation and products from your flight to our certification panel for review.

Within 5 business days you will receive news about your pass or fail. Every response will include personalized feedback on your strengths, weaknesses, concerns, and opportunities for improvement.  Your certification will include a paper certificate suitable for framing, a laminated wallet card, and a digital file with logos and text that you can use in your bio, resume, and marketing materials.


Fill out the form below to learn more about the certifcation process for you and your industry.

Due to the highly competitive and dynamic nature of our industry, we are taking a very high-touch and personalized approach to this process.  Therefore we ask that you provide your phone number as well as email address so that we can call you directly to discuss your goals and needs.  By submitting this form you will receive an email to confirm your request.  After confirming your request, you will receive another email with more information about our program and a request to schedule a day and time for a phone call.

Thanks for your interest and initiative to be a leader in setting the highest standards for safety, quality, and performance in the drone industry.

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