Published October 3, 2016


Drone Swarm descends on the California Capital Region

A swarm of information, insight, and innovation is the motive behind the Capital Region Drone Swarm hosted by the Drone Pilots Federation at the McClellan Park Officer’s Club on October 12, 2016, from 5-9PM PST.  A representative from the local FAA office will speak about the new rules and the importance of safety for airborne drones.

The Drone Swarm will feature a variety of short presentations on a range of subjects. These presentations will foster discussion as well as a provide an overview of existing and exciting uses of drones. For many who attend, the highlight will be a race of micro-sized drones (small enough to fit on the palm of your hand) around an LED-lighted race course.

“It is important that the Sacramento region begins to focus on drone technology, understand the scope of its multiple applications, and begin the conversation as to how we integrate the technology in the region.  It is the intent of the Drone Pilots Federation to facilitate that conversation,” said Bruce Parks, President of the Federation.

The Drone Swarm will bring together major segments of the community including but not limited to startups, manufacturers, retailers, hobbyists, drone racers, technology companies, drone flight schools, students, public and private schools, universities, government officials, and anyone who has an interest in a tech segment that has many signs of exponential growth.

On August 29th, 2016, “Part 107” of the FAA regulatory code became law.  This regulation will begin to regulate the integration of small drones into the National Airspace and allows for the legal use of small drones, those under 55 pounds, to be used in commercial operations.

“These new regulations will unleash new rounds of innovation as technologies converge to solve problems that are global in nature.  With the resources we have in the Sacramento region, we can choose to be a major player in this arena, but we have to make the decision to do so,” Parks said.

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