Drones: A Multi-dimensional Platform for Agriculture, Public Safety, and the Environment Wednesday noon Pavilion 7

Romeo Durscher - DJI

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Romeo Durscher is DJI’s Director of Public Safety.  He will speak about and demonstrate DJI’s new AeroScope counter drone technology.  Drone incursion into an active public safety arena is an ongoing and serious problem for virtually every public safety entity, but most seriously perhaps for fire fighters.  While DJI’s technology cannot defense every drone incursion, it can address the issue for all DJI drones which account for perhaps 75% of all hobby drones in the air.


Biren Gandhi - Executive Consultant

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Biren Gandhi is an executive leader focused on identifying key technology trends and accelerating their adoption through acquisitions, development or partnering. He has built a successful track record of bringing innovation to life through strategic collaborations with startups, venture capital firms, universities and partner ecosystems. Recently, Biren spearheaded strategy & incubation for some highly disruptive technologies at Cisco.  Including the Internet of Things (IoT), Fog Computing, Drones/UAVs, Blockchain, Deep Learning, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. He combines his business and technology acumen to drive the co-creation of breakthrough business models using various external and internal innovation catalysts. Biren has nearly 20 years of leadership, strategic and tactical technology experience in diverse verticals like social networking, cloud, big data, mobile, telecom, social gaming and enterprise collaboration. You can discover his passions, interests, and insights at these blog platforms: http://thoughts.birengandhi.com/ or http://lnkd.in/biren.


Kirk McKenzie -Capt. Cosumnes Fire Dept.

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Kirk plays an  important role in  SMART Fire Department Programs - Developing systems for public education, life safety marketing, firefighter training and emergency response operations. He coordinate with regional, national and global leaders in the space who are offering hardware, software and technical support in the development of various platforms including helmet mounted/heads up displayed 360/3D building plans for use with virtual and augmented reality. 


Drones and Data for California State              Government & Agencies                                     Thursday 3PM Pavilion 7                                  

Dr. Karthik Balakrishnan -Airbus


Dr. Karthik Balakrishnan is the head of Project Altiscope for Airbus.  Altiscope address the  problems and complexities of the use of drones in the national airspace and the need to create a blueprint of the sky in order to accommodate the number and types of aircraft that will increasingly occupy that space.




Founder of ScholarFarm.com, trainer and educator on commercial agricultural applications and data analytics.Dr. Greg Crutsinger has a background in ecological research and teaching. He left an academic career to join the drone industry and has worked for both hardware and software companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. He now directs a professional consultancy that provides commercial training and services for drone vegetation mapping and data analytics.


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Gary Darling is an Operations Research Specialist with the California Department of Water Resources, where he is passionate about writing about himself in third person. He worked for 8 years as the Chief Information Officer for the California Resources Agency, where he was responsible for the computer and telecommunications for the agency’s 16,000 employees and has served as the geographic information officer for California responsible for GIS statewide.


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Billy Ferguson, a Solutions Manager with the Dept. of Toxic Sustance Control, has developed the GIS program at the DTSC over the past three years. A graduate of the University of Southern California and UC Davis, Billy focused his studies on the use of technology, data, and information to empower decision-making. Billy supported the recent wildfire control efforts in Northern and Southern California and identified a technological gap in DTSC’s field response. Billy hopes to continue identifying business processes that can benefit from the use of advanced technology and solutions.