Sacramento California Region Chapter

Drone Pilots Federation is taking a people-focused approach to building our organization and serving our members.  While we currently have members in over 30 countries across the globe, our headquarters is in the capital city of California USA, Sacramento.

We are therefore working and learning with members in this region to build a relevant, valuable, and sustainable community of drone pilots and associated members.  From this we will learn and expand with additional dedicated chapters in other regions of the country and the world.

If you want to connect with other Federation members in your city, region, or country please contact us. This is the first and important step in creating a chapter that can serve and represent you.  Our timeline for establishing additional chapters is based largely on the initiative, leadership, and passion of our members in each of these regions.


We believe that connecting people in a region will produce great value and benefits.

Tiny Whoop FPV drone racing


We believe that organizing and hosting events within a region to promote safety, education, people, and drone technologies will provide unique value and benefits.

Sacramento airspace


Education, knowledge, tools, processes, information, and procedures. Resources that are relevant and valuable to the regional community of drone pilots need to have a central home.