The Drone Hanger at the Airshow

Hear the Thunder of a Great Opportunity for Drones


The California Capital Airshow (CCA), presented by Sacramento County in partnership with the City of Rancho Cordova, will, once again, use the power and magic of flight to thrill spectators of all ages as they host an unforgettable 13th annual aviation festival September 21-23.

The State Capitol region will gather to honor Mather Airport’s 100 years of service to our nation and communities and draw huge crowds (averaging 65,000-100,000+spectators) from across the western United States and beyond to enjoy a weekend of Airshow excitement.

Headlined by the USAF Thunderbirds along with a spine-tingling lineup of world-class performers including the Canadian Forces F-18, US Army Golden Knights Parachute Team, Air Force Heritage Flight F-35 Team, fans will not only experience more than 4 hours of non-stop action in the sky each day, but also be able to explore miles of amazing aircraft displays and interactive exhibits along this massive ramp!


The Drone Industry is Invited to Participate!

California Capital Airshow organizers recognize the need to broaden the scope of flight and future career opportunities for students, and have asked me to develop a plan for a Drone Hanger.  The Hanger will give the public access to the wonders of flight on a whole new level by educating them on the capabilities and tremendous efficiencies of Drones and the wide variety of innovative businesses who utilize them.

People, products, and information about drones with these organizations will be in the Drone Hangar:


To accomplish our goal for the 2018 season, we need immediate support and input from the broad industry. With a very short runway for this golden opportunity, we hope to show and explain how the confluence of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented reality, photogrammetry, data acquisition, and other technologies may reside on a drone.  This exhibit can demonstrate how drones can save lives, improve our agriculture, inspect our infrastructure, shape, share, and conserve our lands, and our wildlife.

As far as I know, the drone industry has never had a greater opportunity to showcase our capabilities and possibilities — at least not to a captivate audience of this size over a single weekend.   We CAN make this happen even within a short window if enough people and companies step forward.  This is a first attempt at an ongoing annual project. I would be grateful for your thoughts, ideas and participation.

If you would like to help out, get involved and make this event happen, please call or email me as soon possible.  Feel free to forward this to anyone who may have an interest.


Thanks in advance,

Bruce Parks  

916 425 3470

UPDATE: If you aren’t able to talk with us before or during the airshow, click here.