A new resource for safe, legal, and productive drone operations

A new resource was released in May 2018 to help people who want to accelerate their efforts toward safe, legal, and productive operations with commercial drones in the civil engineering fields.

The breadth and depth of information in the book, however, makes it a valuable resource for anyone who is pursuing commercial drone or industrial drone efforts in any industry vertical.

The first section is about Systems Thinking success with drones.  In it you'll learn:

  • An overview of Systems Engineering
  • The most successful and profitable uses of drones in civil engineering as of early 2018
  • Key requirements you need to define for your industrial drone operations
  • A Summary of US Part 107 regulations and their biggest impact for industrial and large scale projects

The second section of the book is a deep dive into project management of commercial drone operations.  In this section you'll learn

  • A concentrated introduction into the ten knowledge areas of formal project management
  • Specific strategies, tools, and tactics from these knowledge areas as they relate to commercial drone operations
  • Dozens of lessons learned from commercial drone operations around the world
  • Actual cost, schedule, and quality metrics of drone operations in civil engineering
  • How to identify the key stakeholders in an organization to build a successful drone operation
  • Specific "people skills" and strategies to deal with various stakeholders who support - or resist - the goal of using drones
  • The most significant risks for commercial drone operations - plus proven strategies, tools, and mitigation plans to address them

While all of this makes the book a very valuable resource by itself, the third section is about the business of drones. In this section you'll learn:

  • The essence of the "Lean Startup" method and how it can help you build a viable commercial drone operation
  • Fundamentals of marketing
  • An accelerated course on online marketing
  • Fundamentals of sales and the sales process
  • Networking basics to help you meet and build positive relationships with the people you want to do business with

There are also bonus chapters and several Appendices.  From these you'll gain

  • A comprehensive list of additional resources for commercial drone products, services, events, and knowledge sources (including essential starting points for people outside of the United States)
  • Exclusive discounts and incentives for leading products and services in the commercial drone world
  • Decision criteria and methods to help decide whether to build internally or outsource your commercial drone operations
  • A list of essential acronyms and terms that anyone who wants to use commercial drones in civil engineering should know and use

The book was written by Brett Hoffstadt, a dual-degree aeronautical engineer, certified project management professional (PMP), and FAA licensed sUAS remote pilot.  He is also the current Vice-President of Drone Pilots Federation.  

To gain the benefits of this new resource, please go to Amazon and order the book Success with Drones in Civil Engineering:

If you would like to get an inside look into the book and the motivations behind it, you can read an interview with Brett that was conducted by Jeremiah Karpowicz on Commercial UAV News.

A more complete list of excerpts and attention the book has been getting can be found on one of Brett's websites here.

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